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 These guys were awesome!  They delivered on time and picked up without any problems.  They appear to have the best service I have found in the Disney area.  They sent their special guidebook to help get around the parks with our mobility scooters. We also got a personal 24hr concierge. They included upgrades which were a nice treat. We were very happy with the new scooter we rented and their service.  There were NO surprises here! – Ryan M.


 Great easy service! We rented a stroller for Disney. Pick up and drop off was easy! They delivered at our hotel and we left it at the front desk when we left. It was a great price. Brand new strollers. Will be using again. – Mark T.


 They are the best!! Great brand new scooters.  Batteries lasted all day. Dropped and picked up timely at our hotel. No hassles and no problems what so ever.  I’ve never seen a scooter have its own cell phone charging port before.  Easy flat rate price list with no surprises. Employees were very helpful.  Great company to do business with! – Danielle P.


 AMAZING COMPANY! We just finished our weekend trip to Disney and this stroller rental company made it 10x's easier for us. I love the hotel delivery and pick up. That was a huge help. The new stroller we rented (city mini, double one) was great. My husband and I wanted to take it home with us. It was easy to move and I love that it reclined all the way back. It made naps a breeze. Will definitely be using this company again when we make our next Orlando trip. – Roxanne C.


 We just returned from a trip to Disney and rented a double stroller from them.  They were amazing and provided top notch customer service.  We had our two kids, a 5 year old and 7 month old so we rented a doubled stroller. 

We received notification when they delivered the stroller. The stroller was in new condition and arrived with a console as well as a small storage area beneath the seats.  Our last name was printed in bold letters on the bottom of the stroller, along with Gold Mobility Stroller Rentals phone number.   We also received an email once they picked up the stroller.  Easy flat rate pricing with no surprises.  We highly recommend them and will use them again when we return.  Love them!  Thanks for everything! – Jenn H.


 Gold Mobility uses a special guide book they send you at time of booking and I was able to plan out everything I can do with my scooter, wow. I will go out of my way to rent or buy from them. Flat rate easy simple. The absolute best service I have gotten all of this with an amazing price..  Not to mention all the included upgrades! I am extremely impressed and although I live over 200 miles away I will be coming back.  Thank you Gold Mobility! Fantastic company outstanding service – Betty Z.


 They brought me a new scooter I asked for exactly on time. Extremely courteous and friendly. The scooter was fabulous. They picked it up right at the time we agreed upon. There are no hidden fees, no surprises. A 24 hour concierge. I’ve never had a scooter with a phone charging port before. The whole experience was a pleasure. I'll never rent a scooter from anyone else again. Gold Mobility gets all of my business from now on. – Tom D..


 This company is great!  My stroller tire had a flat on our way to Disney in the morning.  Not wanting to delay our park day, I rented a stroller to be delivered to our hotel and set up tire repair which I assumed would take a day.   Gold Mobility Stroller rentals showed up at the hotel right away and fixed my tire, then refunded the money for the rental stroller and didn't cost us any Disney time!  Such quick service and great communication.  Highly recommend! 

In case people wonder why not just rent the strollers at the parks, it is because you can't take them out of the parks.  Ie, after an exhausting day at Disney when you kid is melting down or sleeping in the stroller, you have to take them out and walk to your hotel.  This sucks, let me tell you.  There is no tired like "Disney Tired".  It is so much better to get a stroller that you can take all the way to your hotel room, and Gold Mobility Stroller just picks it up there.  Great idea that solves a real problem.  Check them out – Monica G.


 I want to highly recommend this company. Each rental comes with a mobility attraction guide that I’ve never seen before. I rented a scooter for my son as he is recovering from a serious injury. He rode it for 4 days straight each day for up to 16 hours. The batteries lasted all day! We didn't have to charge it at the parks at all and he rode it all day. Zooming around and enjoyed every minute of the 4 days at the parks, riding around the neighborhood the day before going to dinner and exploring. It was a real life saver. It held all our stuff and we loaded the back of it up with a bag and a small cooler. The basket holds all your stuff you need at hand.

I just can't recommend highly enough this company. The price can't be beat for $229 for 7 full days. If I had rented at the park it would have been $50 a day and those scooters looks horribly uncomfortable. My son called it his Cadillac for the week. Seriously use this business. Personal service at its best!! – Branden S..


 Wonderful to work with, very good communication about delivery and pick up, My family rented 3 (all new) scooters.  I’ve never seen a scooter have its own cell phone charging port. 24hr concierge. I would rent from them again and highly recommend this company. There were no surprises! Flat rate system also. – Brain G.


 THANK YOU!!! We didn’t want to wait hours for a rental at Disney so we decided to take a chance & rent one locally. I am so glad we did. Communication: 100% Friendly: 100% Reliable / Dependable: 100%  I was able to spend entire day at Disney and not worry being too tired to walk any more. I was sent a mobility scooter attraction guide book and holy cow it blew my mind. It gave me the ability to pre plan my entire trip around Central Florida. – Joe S.


 I just got back home from our annual Disney trip. This was my first trip with 2 kids and we never need a double stroller... Until we go to Disney of course. Ordered a City Mini double. I received an email the morning of our trip (we were still 4 hours away) telling me the stroller was delivered to our hotel, where it was delivered, with a ton of pictures showing what it looks like and the stroller in its drop off location. Nice! Picked it up. New condition, exactly as advertised, had our name on it, etc.

After the 7 days, we returned it to the same place it was dropped off. 2 hours later we received an email saying it was picked up. Communication was wonderful. The whole process was so EASY! Which is something a mom of a 4 year old and a 7 month old needs on a trip to Disney. I loved the flat rate pricing with its no surprises. I will continue to use them for our trips. – Belinda J.


 Nick saved our butts (or should I say our arms?!) on our trip to Disney. Our umbrella stroller that had already survived one Disney trip did not survive this one sadly and broke and died in the beginning of our trip. Now I don't know about you, but even though our hotel was close, I don't really want to carry a tired, almost 50lb child back to the hotel after we trekked all day in the happiest place on earth. Since Disney makes you return your stroller as you leave, we were panicking. Thanks to a quick Google a search, I left Gold Mobility Stroller a voicemail, Nick began texting me confirming information and by 9:30am was meeting us with a stroller to save our trip! Nick was our Knight in shining armor! From now on we will be using Gold Mobility Stroller and recommending it to anyone and everyone! – Ashley M.


 This place is absolutely amazing with amazing customer service. I desperately needed a stroller and they were able to pull it off for me quicker than needed. My daughter has type 1 diabetes and can't walk all day at Disney or we will face severe lows and could become a medical emergency. I appreciate them going above and beyond to help my little one. This is the second time I have used this company and both times have been amazing. The free rain cover. Flat rate price. And the strollers are awesome too… - Sheila L.


 I rented a scooter from this company. While I am a young, reasonably healthy person, I need knee surgery and wanted to take a trip before I would have me laid up for weeks of boredom. This company was great and accommodated us. The brand new scooter was a great surprise and boy was it fast! I actually had to turn down the speed because it  was like the NASCAR of scooters. We will definitely do business with Gold Mobility again. Thanks – Rob R.


 Ok these guys were CRAZY wonderful. A better price than most, GREAT service and brand new fantastic scooters.

The scooter was there when I expected it, worked like a charm. There were no surprises. The LED safety lights were cool.

24hr concierge. They even have their own special book called a Mobility Scooter Attraction guide. Thank you guys so much for the rentals – Alex S.


 I wish I could give this company more stars than 5...FANTASTIC!  After my experience with Gold Mobility Stroller Rentals, I'm telling everyone about them, even people that don't have kids!  LOL.  It was pretty amazing to be able to leave our double here in Dallas, fly to Disney, check in, and see that the stroller was awaiting us.  It was in great condition and everything worked great.  Free rain cover was a nice touch and came in handy.

Any questions I had during the trip, I would email them and would get a response pretty quickly.  Drop off was easy too.  Simple flat price. Seriously, this was a total life saver.  Totally improved our trip.  I will be using them again for sure. – Janet P.


 I rented a compact scooter for 7 days while in Orlando for a convention. Online quote was easy and they were extremely friendly when booking on the phone. A completely new scooter was dropped off to me at my hotel white gloved and all, fully charged and ready to go.  The process was extremely easy and the scooter was reliable, heck it was brand spankin new. The nice thing was it didn't scream rental with a "rent me" sign on it. I will use this company again! –- Robert C.


 Best service ever I had to call to ask a question and Nick picked right up and helped. The stroller was band new clean and had everything I needed including a rain cover. I will use them anytime I go to Disney. – Joe D.


 Renting a stroller thru Gold Mobility Stroller rentals was one of the best decisions we made for our trip to Disney!! Very easy to reserve, delivered right to our hotel, waiting for us when we got there! They were very clean and it was very convenient to take wherever we wanted. Included rain cover for Florida! Name tags made easy to find at Disney. Super easy to drop off at bell best! Will definitely rent again and recommend! – Shannon C.


 They are the better scooter rental company to use. They will bring their all new scooters to any of the local hotels and resorts. Their customer service is awesome. I’ve never seen a scooter have its own cell phone charging port. No surprises with flat rate fares. You get a souvenir book that lets you plan your vacation in advance with all the places you can take a scooter. Brilliant. – Veronica S.


 Thank you for taken care of our guests. They all loved the scooters and love how everything goes so smooth. The LED lights were nice. – Judy M.


 Ordered a scooter for our upcoming trip to Disney.  The drop off and pick up service is so helpful. Now I can enjoy our trip. – Anita L.


 Had a great experience when we rented 2 scooters for a week. The price was amazing too! Flat price easy. All the upgrades like the Captain’s chairs. The led safety lights were amazing. We got a book to pre plan the activities we can do without ever having to get off the scooters. This will be my go to company for sure! – Deano M.


 Gold Mobility Stroller is the Bomb! They really came through for me at a time when both of my cheapy strollers died and we had our big vacation booked to Disney! It was waiting for me at valet when we arrived at our hotel. How cool is that? Great quality, super service, affordable flat rate prices! I'm using them again next week! – Sarah L.


 Upon arrival in Orlando, I was surprised to find that Disney doesn't rent double strollers. I started to hit the panic button and then found Gold Mobility Stroller Rentals, lucky me! Not only are the strollers higher quality than the Disney rentals, the service was phenomenal! The stroller looked brand new and the cost was amazingly affordable. Free rain cover is a nice touch.

We made a second trip to Disney and of course we used Gold Mobility Stroller again. Again the stroller and service were impeccable!  No surprises. Easy pick up and drop off at the bell desk of the hotel, I just can't recommend them strongly enough!!! – Kate V.


 I had my son come into town and he had a busy weekend planned. I recently tore my Achilles tendon and needed a power scooter to be able to go to all the places we had planned to go.i rented the scooter for 7 days for 200 bucks. They use a simple flat rate for the whole 7 days. the scooter came apart into 4 pieces and fit in my trunk. was worried about charge life and this thing lasted me all day at Disney with no problems. .used for 7 days with no problems. – Carla G.


 We had a great experience during our 1-week rental of a Victory 10 for our Disney vacation. It was easy to make the reservation several months in advance. We were sent a special book to keep that allows us to pre plan. The LED safety lights worked bright. The scooter was freshly new, fully charged and it remained charged during all-day use at the park, every day -- we just plugged in at night as instructed.. We did not have any trouble but our personal concierge Michael assured us if we did to call him immediately and he would meet us wherever we were, in our hotel or in the park, to take care of it. We will definitely rent from Gold Mobility when we come back to the Happiest Place on Earth! – Richard H.


 If you ever had the need to get around, but couldn't without extra help, then you know exactly where I'm coming from.  I wanted to spend a day at Disney, but needed an electric scooter to do the heavy lifting - and Gold Mobility was the perfect match for me!  Scooter delivery?  No problem - they'll bring it to your hotel.  Disney shuttle?  Oh, that's easy - every hotel can get you - and your scooter, to the park.  Accessories upcharge?  Nope.  Battery life?  Shouldn't be a problem at all they said - and they were right. – Sandy G.


 I received a fully charged brand new scooter that took care of me every step of the way.  I’ve never seen a scooter have its own cell phone charging port and cell phone holder before. The battery charge needle indicator stayed PEGGED INTO THE GREEN ALL DAY LONG!!  There wasn't a single worry that crossed my mind after 4 p.m.  I expected the battery to discharge at some point, but was pleasantly surprised when it stayed charged - and indicated fully charged - the entire time.  The. Entire. Time. GMS also has their OWN BOOK called A Mobility Scooter Attraction Guide too. The microphone has been dropped. – Mark H.


 Thank you so much for taking the time, having the patience, and showing obvious interest in helping me make this day a success.  One could arguably make the statement that Gold Mobility contributed to my making some very nice memories - all because you made it possible for me to get there - and stay there.  Confidence in a service like this is paramount.  When someone relies on a piece of equipment, it is so important that the equipment, the service itself, and the people who represent the service inspire confidence - and I am happy to report that this was the case in dealing with Gold Mobility Scooters! – Mandy K..


 Thank you very, very much for your assistance in my endeavor to feel a bit of the magic that only Disney can provide.  Gold Mobility Scooters helped make that possible. 3 words: cell phone charging!!! – Milton D.


 Great customer service and great price!  White gloves pickup and delivery was included.  Free upgrades. Flat rates. Can't beat it. And then the LED ground lights were really sleek looking. But nothing and I mean nothing beats their Attraction Guide for people using mobility Scooters. It has check lists and color coded so you know where you can and cannot go. – Jinny P.


 If you go to Disney Orlando, and you need a stroller this is WITHOUT A DOUBT the way to go.

First off, cost.  It costs less to rent from Gold Mobility Stroller Rentals as it does to rent them directly from Disney and their stroller are all brand new!!

Next, convenience.  You can NOT bring the Disney strollers back to your hotel.  They must be left in the park.  But you can take a stroller from Gold Mobility Stroller Rentals back to your hotel, an off-Disney restaurant or attraction, or whatever.

Third:  Service.  They drop the stroller off at your hotel.  All you need do is go down to the front desk and pick it up.  At Disney, you must wait in line to get a stroller.

Fourth:  The strollers offered are brand new and SUPERIOR grade then the Disney strollers.  Also, and at times this can REALLY be important, their strollers come with a RAIN COVER, while Disney's do NOT.  From experience, having a cold, rain-soaked child doesn't lead to a good Disney experience ;-)

Honest business, quality produce, excellent service, friendly people, right simple easy flat rate price.  You can't go wrong with these guys! – Frank C.


 We rented a scooter for my husband to use for a week.  It was delivered with white gloves to our rental house personally, and picked it up a week later.  It was so simple and the rental price was very reasonable.  Cell phone holder . The scooter made our vacation so enjoyable for my husband.  We did not have one single problem with the rental process or the scooter. – Edith W.


 After dropping off the scooter, I had a personal concierge gave me his personal phone number to text if I had any questions or concerns. They treat their customers like family, as I felt very welcomed throughout my experience with them. I would definitely deal with them in the future. I’m looking back on my souvenir guide book I got from them, it gives me a great history of events that I did while on vacation. Best idea I’ve seen in a while. – Tom M..


 Gold Mobility gave us top notch service and a really new scooter at a reasonable price. Especially with all the upgrades that were free/included. They made our trip EXTRA special!! We will definitely use their service the next time we travel there!! – Sara O.


 This company is fantastic! I just got back from taking my 5 & 7 year old to their first trip to Disney. I was hesitant to have a stroller for my kids but I was told by friends that you will need it for the long days of walking. I haven't needed a stroller for 2 years and I didn't want to have to borrow a stroller from a friend and lug it on a plane. I was thinking about renting a stroller from Disney but the reviews said that they are basically umbrella strollers and aren't good if you have big kids, which I have, both are 50 lbs. I found this company online, read the great reviews and booked everything through their website. They have a variety of strollers and I picked the jogging stroller for a large weight limit. Once I arrived at my hotel, it was waiting at Bell Service for me with my name tag posted on the back.

My kids are in great shape and play outside all the time but Disney can take a toll on a kid, big & small with all the walking and waiting in lines. It's also great to store sweatshirts, souvenirs and other stuff you need with you. On the first day at the park, my youngest fell asleep in it for an hour and by the second day, both my kids were fighting over who could take a turn in the stroller. It makes things go smoother, when you don't have to drag a tired, crabby kid through the park. At end of our trip, we just had to drop it back off at Bell service and left. You receive an email when the stroller is ready for you and when they picked it up. – Natalya S.


 I highly recommend GMS/Gold Mobility Scooters for your rental needs when in Orlando! With an easy flat rate system there weren’t any surprises. I’ve never seen a scooter have with phone charging. You get a exclusive guide book written by GMS to help you navigate your way around Central Florida on a mobility scooter! I would go out of my way to give them my business again in the future! – Gary Z.


 Excellent assistance when making the reservation. It was delivered as promised and fully charged. Very happy with the upgrades and 24 hour concierge. Got complimented a few time son the LED lighting. – Roger T.


 Their rentals were awesome. By the time I got to hotel it was there. When I left I just left it in the front office. No problem whatsoever !! Simple flat-rate pricing. All band new stuff. Stroller, toddler bed, pack and play, if only they rented nannys too… - Dory K.


 You have great band new equipment!! It works well and everything one needs is included. Delivery and pick-up have been very smooth. The flat rate price was simple with no surprises. All the upgrades (inc a phone holder and charger) were all included in that price. And on top of all that a special scooter guide book you get to keep. – Maryellen L.


 It was wonderful to be able to get around so easily. Sometimes when it is really crowded people get inpatient with us. But the majority of people are kind. Having the use of a scooter makes it a lot of fun and easier to keep up with the grankids. The full sized sun shade was amazing. It really made the day enjoyable having my own shade! Kids kept walking on the shady side of me all day – Ray D.


 Excellent assistance when making the reservation. It was delivered as promised spot clean and fully charged. Very happy with the service!! Especially with the 24 hr concierge all the included upgrades. – Georgia T.


 We rented a stroller from Gold Mobility Strollers for our trip to Disney. The stroller was in amazing shape and was just what we needed for each day with a 2.5 year old and we never had trouble finding our rented stroller among the masses.

The prices are competitive to Disney park and I would highly recommend this over renting in the park. Our first call will be to Gold Mobility Strollers the next time we decide to visit Disney. Thanks again for the amazing customer service and high quality stroller! – Lily N.


 I rented and got a brand new stroller for my 7 day stay in the Disney area.  It was delivered to my hotel as promised.  The stroller was a beauty compared to the strollers available to rent at Disney.  It was clean, roomy and easy to handle and fold.  It was GREAT not having to carry a sleeping 50lb toddler back to the hotel when the parks closed or have to wait in line to turn in a Disney stroller for the evening or wait in line to rent one in the morning.  My daughter was sad to leave it for pick up upon check out.  Worth every cent and will use again! – Samantha P.


 About a month before our annual Disney trip I fractured my ankle.  I went to Gold Mobility Scooter Rentals to get a quote for renting a scooter for a week.  I had never rented a scooter before.  When we arrived at our hotel, I called Select, and the scooter was delivered and operating instructions were given by a nice young man in white gloves.  The scooter worked great. I think we were the first to ever rent it looked so new. It is nice to have it in your room when you need it and it is really nice to be able to leave the parks and ride back to your room.  The price was great and the customer service is the BEST!!! – Mary B.


 They were extremely accommodating and the strollers were in EXCELLENT condition, and should be because mine was so new it still had a tag on it.   I was originally afraid to end up with a stroller that was difficult to navigate.  However the double stroller I got navigated w/such ease!  And the price was an incredibly great deal!   Rain cover and a Parent Console really helped when you needed it.  We checked into our hotel and the stroller was up front and ready for us to pick up. Made our Disney trip so convenient!  I would definitely recommend to friends and family! – Stephanie S..


 The rental was the best. I made my arrangements by phone. When I arrived at the hotel, I stopped at the Bell desk and picked up my stroller. When we were finished with our stay just parked it at the Bell desk. It made my trip so effortless. I will do this again. No surprises! – John H.


 I rented from this company for my Disney/universal trip. The scooter was hand delivered to, and picked up from, my hotel! So easy! I have a bad habit of forgetting to my phone charger and right when my phone was about to die my daughter asked why I didn’t just plug it in to the scooter. (I was already using the cell phone holder) Amazing to have a charger built in! What will they think of next! - Mike R..


 We rented two scooters from them and all was great. The customer service is incredible. Twenty four hour concierge.

I received an exclusive book by them called the Mobility Scooter Attraction Guide and it’s ecactly what it sounds like. Just that. All the information one could possibly need to know about using a scooter. The battery life of the scooters was great - rode all day (some days 12+ hours), and it never went down a single notch - charged it over night and never had to worry that it might die. – Marie N.


 I am SO very pleased with my experience using Gold Mobility Stroller Rentals. It was the best thing I  could have ever done to make my trip to Disney easy & stress free. I wanted to rent a stroller but Disney only provides strollers that do not recline & they cannot leave the park. So, I googled Disney strollers that recline.

The first thing that popped up was Gold Mobility Stroller Rentals. I looked at the  site & saw the pricing. It was very comparable to Disney but way better product. Upon arrival to our hotel, I asked if the stroller had been delivered. As expected, it was waiting for me at the hotel lobby. Easy as that! The stroller was in excellent new! condition. Very clean & well kept. The free rain cover. One simple pricing.

No extra fees for this and that.So many people came up to us asking about the stroller I gladly gave them Gold Mobility Stroller Rentals information. They could not believe that it was delivered to the hotel for me and that I could leave it there to be picked up. So much easier than taking up trunk space in my car. If you want to make your trip easy without having to pack a stroller, use Gold Mobility Stroller Rentals. We will be back. Thank you so much! – Jessica F.


 No better place in my opinion to rent from.  New scooters,  fast too, I had to turn mine down,  I felt like I was in a Disney attraction the first day.  They will deliver to the hotels and pick up too.  All the free upgrades… free amazing custom guide book.   The basket came in real handy.  Phone holder and charger wow can’t beat that. – Mitchel S..


  We have rented from them several times, they go out of their way to help in any way you need. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Simple flat-rate prices. My own 24 hours concierge guy.. Night time safety lighting really worked wonders. We will keep renting from them.  Thanks again!!  -- Brent J.


 I rented from this company for 7 days and the scooter was so comfy, precise, and affordable flat rate price. The customer service was outstanding, they are so caring and helpful over the phone, they drop off to your hotel, pick up from your hotel too. The free upgrades. The Attraction Guide book. I was able to comfortably enjoy Disney with my family with this great mobility specialist company. Thank you so much. – Michael S.


 I was trying to avoid the hassle of checking a double stroller in at the airport.  Our stroller is awesome, don't get me wrong, but I was a bit concerned about how it would travel roundtrip (it is not one piece, but rather several pieces that clip on). Gold Mobility Stroller Rentals  saved the day in more ways than one.  First, due to my error, I didn't complete my reservation.  Bad mom, bad.  Thankfully, they worked extra hard to get us a stroller during the time we were staying at Disney.  We rented the biggest double stroller they offered-I have a 2 and a 4 year old-both very lean and very tall.  They fit perfectly in this stroller.  Almost too perfectly-it was so comfortable that my 2 year old kept taking cat-naps. I can't say enough about the incredible service that we received AND the awesome stroller.  We will definitely give Gold Mobility Stroller Rentals a call next time we are visiting the Mouse. – Lisa A.


 This service is great!  Came across it researching for a last minute trip to Disney.  I didn't want to fly the umbrella stroller.  I loved the convenience of the stroller already at the hotel when I checked in.  The stroller was very clean.  When I got off the plane, I had a voicemail providing me more specific time of the stroller delivery.   They provide a 2 hour window which worked for me, but nice they go the extra mile to reach out and give more exact delivery time..

The City Mini is a great stroller, folds easily, and seems very comfortable (good recline).  Reminds me of the BOB, but less bulky - this was handy when folding it up every time we got on the tram. 

Why this is a better solution than renting a stroller from Disney park: 1) pricing is SO MUCH better; simple flat rate with no surprises, 2) the stroller is more comfortable than the ones Disney offers, 3) Disney strollers cannot leave the park, so you can't use it to go to the hotel - not practical when your kid falls asleep and you want to push the stroller through Downtown Disney back to the hotel.. 4) & 5) the parent console and rain protector, really needed for those long haul days. – Dawn G.


 We make about a dozen trips a year, and I almost cancelled a trip to Disney with the family because I just spent 11 days in the hospital. Wife convinced me to rent a scooter for a few days so I didnt kill myself walking. I called Gold Mobility and it about 2 minutes to do paperwork and run my card. Card charged what they quoted and no issues with the scooter. Half the price of the park and much faster, comfortable, and more maneuverable. Thanks GMS. If I ever need a scooter again, you are my go to guys. Will definitely recommend you to everyone I know going to the park. PS...they told me that all of their batteries are the best in the market and I believe it. Both full days at the park and the battery meter never went down even a notch. A+++++ - Lyle N.


 Rented 2 Pride Victory 10 (Four Wheel) units for a day at Disney. They were out of the box new and we had 0 problems, battery charge was fantastic, by end of day they still showed full charge. Staff were very friendly and helpful. The attention to detail I witnessed, when they were preparing a scooter for another rental was very detailed, they make sure the units are working and clean before giving them to customers. The special book they send you to use and keep is pure treasure, written by someone who cares too.  Fantastic and wonderful these people are. – Amy G..


 Great service! Reserving online was easy and a new stroller was waiting for us at the hotel when we arrived. Super easy and convenient. I will definitely use this service again so I don't have to deal with the hassle of bringing our own stroller on the flight. The flat rate price is also very reasonable and superior to renting one at Disney which isn't as comfy. The stroller was brand new and clean and even came with its own rain cover and “parent console” which is really handy. –- Steven N.


 Phenomenal! I needed two strollers that were easy to use and very sturdy for Disney. The strollers were even better than I could have expected clean sanitized brand spanking new. I had absolutely no concerns whatsoever about putting my two grand babies in them and everybody at Disney was jealous because our strollers had insulated cup holders and carry pouches on the handle bar area. In addition they have rubber grips that were so much more comfortable and easier then the Disney metal handled strollers where my hands slipped and cramped all day the day before.

We didn't have to worry about packing a stroller and taking extra room up in our car while we were traveling I would recommend them to anybody anytime and I will definitely be using them again! – Linda F.


 We rented two scooters during our trip to Disney and had a wonderful experience with this company and the staff! They were able to deliver one of our scooters to our hotel. They delivered them very quickly after we had called and were extremely personable and responsive. The scooters were brand new and I was impressed. All the free upgrades were a nice touch. Cell. Phone. Charger. Wow. I highly recommend them! – Philip A.


 I've been in search for the perfect scooter for my grandpa. You would think a scooter is a scooter, but if you know my grandpa, he's super picky about color, speed, comfort, accessibility. After much search, finally came upon Gold Mobility Scooters. Thank goodness for GMS! The staff was great, helpful, and very knowledgeable about all the different types of scooters. He absolutely loved the ground LED lighting, said he felt “cool” with it. Looking forward to coming back for any other needs my grandpa may have! – Lori R.


 Wow this company is great. We just got back from a trip to Disney and booked a double stroller through Gold Mobility Stroller Rentals at the last minute (the night before we arrived in Orlando).

The next afternoon we checked into our hotel and our stroller was in the lobby waiting for us. It was a City Mini Double in perfect conditions - really, spotless. I don't know how they keep these things so clean!

The return process was totally simple - we just left it in the lobby on our last day. Was so much easier than lugging our double from DC. Prices are completely reasonable. The free rain cover. Thank you Gold Mobility Stroller Rental - you are a great business! – Emily H.


 There is a reason why this company is getting all five stars!!! Thank you so much for the amazing service and personalized delivery with my own 24hr concierge. You have made a stressful time a bit easier for my family with no surprises too. Thank you! There was even charging provided for your phone :O – Tim B.


 Absolutely stunned by the customer service here in the best way possible. Simple flat-rate pricing. For once on Yelp, I wish I could give a business six stars instead of 5. All new scooter stock is a wonderful treat. Incredible built in accessories like charging for your phone, super comfortable captains chair. I could fall asleep in it. – Jordan M.


 Renting from Gold Mobility Strollers was the best thing I did for our Disney trip.   I have a 3 and 4 year old.   Disney does not rent double strollers.   I didn't want to keep track of 2 strollers.  Not only is renting super easy, Gold Mobility Strollers drops the stroller off at the hotel you are staying and will pick it up at the hotel you are staying out.   My pick up was different than my drop off (within the Disney area) and it was no problem.   S

troller was super clean (looked brand new!), my kids LOVED IT, both seats came down, place to put sweaters, drinks.  The 'shade' portion came down, almost to my kid's legs which was helpful during different parts of the day.  The suspension was GREAT!   I ran with this stroller and it was smooth sailing.  The double stroller fit in the doors of both hotels and through the stores in Disney - made it so easy!

I will definitely rent again from Gold Mobility Strollers.  I'll pay over and over again for a clean new stroller, a fantastic stroller, the service and convenience of not worrying about picking it up and dropping it off.  Like I said - best thing I did! – Amala L.


 I can honestly say that Gold Mobility far exceeded my usual customer service standards. They was very friendly, attentive and explained everything.. I will definitely tell everyone I know that this is the place for all your mobility needs. Its nice to have a great experience and be able to Yelp about it. Bravo and Thank You for everything :) – Mark I.


 Wow! When needed to travel Orlando again and knew exactly who to call! I knew I would have no stress, could count on the all new equipment, and I was so impressed with the professionalism, and at the same time being so friendly and knowledgeable! All the free upgrades. Phone charger and holder… I know I will be back down in that area and will not hesitate to call Gold Mobility Scooters!!! Highly recommend!! – Joey W.


 UMMMM WOW! talk about customer service. I thought the only time I’d ever get a 24 hour concierge was if I stayed at the Waldorf! You get a personal 24hr phone number and they’re ready to answer the call if you need anything. White gloved delivery and all. On top of that you get a copy of their Mobility Scooter Attraction Guide. Pure brilliance. I feel sorry for the competition. – Everett O.


 Wow, just wow. What an excellent service. We left our old stroller in Orlando last time we came to Disney. It was old and very inexpensive but I held on to it just for trips to Disney. This time I considered buying an umbrella stroller as our son is 5 and we only use a stroller in the parks. I quickly realized he is way to big for an umbrella stroller.

I didn't want to rent a stroller at the park because you have to leave it there at the end of the day, that doesn't work for me as we walk to and from the parks. I remembered reading about Gold Mobility Stroller and I thought I'd give it a try. At first I didn't want to spend the money, but wow, what an awesome stroller. How did I raise my child without such a stroller.

Seriously, I snapped a pic and sent it to my husband with the heading "Porsche of strollers". It rolls so well, folds easily and he could actually completely recline. And the sun cover was more than adequate. If you are hesitant to bring or rent a stroller-do it. If your child fits make it happen! It means I can walk at my pace without a fussy child throughout the day we get places quicker and with fewer tears. And this service is top notch, my stroller delivered to our hotel the day we arrived and picked up the day we left. I actually got a picture before I boarded my plane of our stroller at the guest services of our hotel. They also took a picture upon pick up.

Can't say enough about Gold Mobility Strollers, we will be back. And I am so glad we left that old stroller in the dust. – Amanda W.


 Best customer service, flat-rate pricing. Went out of the way to make sure that the rental process and return process was seamless. They took the time to explain the scooter and functions to us. Everything is recapped win their own book they give you to keep. Will definitely refer customers. – Colm R.


 Amazing employees, first class white glove service, pristine, and perfect scooter delivery and rental.

Don’t hesitate in using their services; they are fast, reliable, and always smiling, 5 stars across the board: Equipment, Customer Service, Cost, Everything! And no surprises (other than good ones) – Bill P.


 Just wow! Great customer service. The new double stroller we rented was waiting behind the front counter of our hotel when we got there! It was easy to fold and easy to use around Disney. My kids were able to take naps comfortably at the parks :) They picked it up at the hotel as scheduled! So easy! Had no surprises with the  flat rate pricing. –- James L.


 Another remarkable experience with Nick and Gold Mobility Stroller Rentals. Since I was planning a trip to Disney again this year, I decided to look up Gold Mobility Stroller Rentals to see if they had a stroller appropriate for my son. And as expected, they had the perfect stroller. I arrived at the hotel a few minutes after 5pm. The stroller had just arrived and I was happy with the product. It was clean and in great working order. All the extras were included as promised.

The day that our trip ended, I left the stroller at 10am for pick up and emailed Nick for confirmation. It was a very easy transaction and I'm thankful that GMS delivered to my hotel. I cannot emphasize the great customer service and communication between Nick and myself. In addition, the price is right. Flat rate, no surprises! It is extremely affordable for the service and product you are given. Thank you again for another great experience with your company. I will continue to refer to you as always. It's nice when great experiences repeat themselves even for the better. –- Jody S.


 Great service! Prices are fair, and worth every penny for the amazing service. All the free upgrades were nice. A phone holder cool.  Safety lighting system was impressive. Excellent service and friendly 24hr concierge attention. I highly recommend this company. The attention to detail in their own book had me floored. One price and EVERYTHING is included. – Jennifer N.


 Terrific! Simple flat-rate pricing. All around two thumbs up for service, price, quality, and professionalism (no surprises too). Perfection. Thanks! – Phil F.


 Excellent service.  They dropped off and locked up the stroller from my hotel.  Reasonable prices, and so much better  than renting a Disney stroller that you have to leave at the gate ( then likely carry your exhausted child ) Will use every time we are in Disney.  I would  give this stroller rental company a 10 if I could!!!!  From when we first made the reservation to when we dropped off was awesome customer service, very helpful & friendly.  It was not a cheap brand but high end brand new strollers.. We needed to get a 2nd double stroller & Nick met us at Disney to drop off.  If you have questions, you will get a response right away through text.  No surprises too. -- Kevin B..


 I am a believer in the “little things” in life, and let me tell you, those 4 free rain ponchos that come with your scooters  really saved the day (AND $40) at the parks. Can’t believe no one does this especially in Florida where it rains like everyday. Talk about being in the right place at the right time, thank you Gold Mobility for all that you do. And having brand new equipment and that pre planning book just capped it off. 11 /10 ! – RJ T.


 First time using Gold Mobility AND first time in Orlando Florida. Wow, I can’t believe how unprepared I was until I read their book they send you. It’s a planning guide book to use WITH a mobility scooter. I’m typically a good communicator, but right now I literally just can’t find the right words to describe how my vacation would’ve turned out had I not rented from them. Scooter was brand new, perfect, everything included perfect, service perfect, FREE RAIN PONCHOS! I honestly laughed at first when I saw that, well I’m eating my own words right now. Gold Mobility you guys are a God send. I truly HIGHLY recommend this company! Thank YOU. – Adam A.


 Can't say enough great things about Gold Mobility Stroller Rentals and Nick! I contacted Nick one day before we were leaving for our family trip to Disney. Nick was very accommodating, sent pics of the stroller he had available and had great communication! Our stroller arrived to our hotel even before we got there and she even included a rain cover since rain was forecasted.

We rented a City double for our 3y.o. and 3 m..o. and it was perfect, both boys were able to nap while in the park and we didn't have to waste precious time heading back to the hotel! Great price, VERY clean, the stroller looked brand new and hassle free!! No surprises with their flat rate prices. Highly recommended! –- Charlotte Y.