Q: What is the address (& times) of your pickup/drop off location?

A: Just a few miles from Disney, located at: 5720 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway (192) Kissimmee, FL 34746

Open Every Day 7AM to 4PM (EST) |  Entrance faces Florida Plaza Blvd, past Liquor Store, behind Havana Cafe


Q: Can you suggest which Disney attractions are easier to use with a mobility scooter?

A: Yes! A customer recently shared this: Mikey's May '22 Mobility-Scooter Attraction Guide here!


Q: I wasn't charged $25 for the Premium Canopy on my reservation?

A: Since accessories are not guaranteed and based on availability, we don't automatically charge you upon your reservation.


Q: I can only put one scooter in my cart, but I need two (or more)?

A: To be able to accept the Terms & Conditions for each rider, a separate order needs to be placed per scooter, but don't worry, we will merge the orders together on our end.  All orders containing multiple items must be placed for the same time for delivery and pick-up.  Alternate delivery and pick-up times will be considered separate to avoid errors for our office staff.


Q: What if I miss my scheduled delivery or pick-up time?

A: If an appointment is missed, and the office is not notified prior, we will reach out to reschedule based on our current availability which may be at any time for the remainder of our business day, or up to the following business day.  If we cannot reach you using the provided contact information and the appointment is missed, we will attempt to reach out to reschedule, however we will keep the appointment on hold until we can make a confirmed, rescheduled appointment.


Q: Why is it important that I provide a working cellphone number when making a reservation?

A: In addition to being a very effective way to communicate with you, your driver usually (but not guaranteed) notifies you via text they’re on the way to deliver/pick up your rental.


Q: How long does it take to fully charge the scooter battery?

A: Simply put; overnight. More specifically consider an average of 8 hours, but it could go 10 hrs for a fully discharged Victory 10 extended range battery.


Q: What hours can you be reached for customer service and support?

A: The Gold Mobility Scooters office staff is available from 7am-4pm, 7 days a week with a service team available for assistance 7am - 7pm.  In addition, our retail store is open 7AM-4PM seven days a week. 


Q: Why is my scooter beeping (or flashing blue light) and won’t go?

A: 5 beeps indicates the gear lever (located in back of scooter, under seat) is in the Neutral (free rolling) position. Simply put gear in the Drive (locked) position, and then just turn the key off and on again. This is the most common beep!!!

A: 6 beeps indicates the throttle lever is being touched as you turn on the scooter. Simply remove all hands completely from handlebar, turn the key off and then on again.

A: 1 or 2 beeps while driving indicates the scooter is being overloaded. This occurs when the scooter has too much weight on it, or the battery is very low. 

A: 7, 8, or 9 beeps indicate an internal issue, you will need to contact the customer service line immediately.

A: If you attempt to turn the scooter on while it’s charging, it will also beep. 




Q: Where do you deliver and pickup?

A: Gold Mobility Scooters offers free in-person on time delivery and pickup to all the Theme park hotels, resorts, and timeshares. We also offer bell desk pickup and delivery service to all the other theme park owned resorts. In addition we deliver to vacation rentals in Orlando, Celebration, Lake Buena Vista, most of Kissimmee, and Davenport areas. However, just like everyone else, we are restricted from airports and park entrances.   


Q: How long will my scooter last upon a fully charged battery?

A: Gold Mobility Scooters are equipped, standard, with the longest-range batteries available in the industry; however, keep in mind, each park effects battery life differently, these expectations are averages, your mileage may vary. Our GOGO scooters max out at 250 lbs, giving approximately 4 to 4.5 hours of actual run time. Our premium VICTORY scooters max at 350 lbs, giving approximately 8 running hours on a fully charged battery. 

The biggest variables to factor in are the weight of the rider (and any extra luggage) and terrain such as hills (note: SeaWorld is mostly hills). Please know that if a scooter is loaded near full-capacity it can reduce run time by up to 50%. It is important to always keep your charger in its seat-back pocket.


Q: Can my scooter be used on theme park transportation systems?

A: YES. All un-modified Gold Mobility scooters meet the mobility scooter guidelines and are approved for use at theme parks as well as mass transportation systems. * NOTE: the extra rear basket and canopy sunshade may need to be removed when using bus transportation.  Keep this in mind when booking your scooter accessory.


Q: What should I do if it starts to rain while operating the scooter?

A: Gold Mobility scooters are only water "resistant." In Florida it rains quite often, but usually for very short bursts. Should it begin to rain, it is HIGHLY recommended that you seek a covered area immediately. In a worst case scenario, try to keep the “dashboard” (the center console and handlebars) covered and dry. The scooter’s electronic components will malfunction if they are exposed to rain and a safety shut down mode will prevent operation until ALL of the components dry out.


Q: Why is there a provided USB port?

A: The last thing Gold Mobility Scooters wants is for you to be worried about your phone’s battery while on vacation. It was a simple yet extremely effective choice to provide not only a source of power, but a cell phone holder as standard equipment (just bring your cord).


Q: What options do your scooters come standard with?

A: Extended-Range Batteries, Puncture-Proof tires, Front Baskets, Battery Charger, Cup Holder, Cell Phone Holder, USB charging port (bring your cord), L.E.D. undercarriage safety lighting system, Control Panel Rain Cover, Adjustable Arm Rests, Adjustable Steering Tiller, Dual-throttle operation (for both left or right handed convenience), Variable Speed Control, and 2 free reusable rain ponchos for you to keep. And if that doesn’t impress you; Gold Mobility Scooters takes great pride in offering you premium value at no extra cost on our Victory 10 line of scooters. An upgraded large adjustable luxury Captain’s Chair allows you the maximum level of comfort offered in the industry, even on those longest of park days.


Q: What do your accessories cost?

A: Each scooter will accommodate only one of the above listed accessories. Gold Mobility Scooters provides the chosen (non-premium) accessory absolutely FREE of charge with your scooter reservation WHEN AVAILABLE. The premium sunshade is a flat $25 per reservation, per scooter, no refunds.


Q: Why do you provide an additional safety lighting system?

A: In an effort to provide the maximum amount of visibility at night, Gold Mobility Scooters has professionally installed additional bright-white L.E.D. lights surrounding the undercarriage of the scooter. It also adds a stylish flair that no other rental scooters have.


Q: Why are there different seats available?

A: Gold Mobility Scooters takes great pride in offering you premium value at no extra cost on our Victory 10 line of scooters. An upgraded large adjustable luxury Captain’s Chair allows you the maximum level of comfort offered in the industry, even on those longest of park days. The Go-Go Sport line of scooters were designed for transportability and simply cannot fit the upgraded chairs.


Q: When will my credit card be charged? Is there a deposit?

A: At time of booking, your credit card is charged the full rental amount. Gold Mobility Scooters does not charge a security deposit.


Q: Can I place a reservation over the phone?

A: Gold Mobility Scooters has transitioned into utilizing an online reservation system for our guests to use at their convenience 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Our online reservation system allows our guests to accept our Terms of service agreement so that the paperwork is handled before you arrive!  This way, when we deliver your scooter, you can begin your vacation immediately!


Q: How will I know my reservation is complete?

A: You will receive a confirmation email at the time of placing the order.


Q: Can your scooters disassemble easily to fit into a trunk of a car?

A: If you will be mostly transporting the scooter we recommend the Go-Go Sport line of scooters. They can be disassembled and reassembled by one able-bodied person. Please review the weight limits before placing your order. The Victory scooter will also disassemble, but requires a larger vehicle with a hatch back for transport. 


Q: Can I leave my scooter parked and unattended at a theme park/shopping mall for a short period of time?

A: Yes, park your scooter in a safe place, remove the ignition key, and keep it with you while remembering where you parked. The equipment is the renter's responsibility until returned to Gold Mobility Scooters. The renter also needs to take reasonable steps to ensure the security of the equipment at all times.


Q: What happens in the unlikely event my scooter stops working?

A: Gold Mobility Scooters replaces scooter inventory every 9 months or so, so our renters have new, or like-new, equipment. It is highly unlikely there will be a mechanical failure. Worst case scenario, should there be a cause for concern (not a dead battery), call (or text) customer service at 407-414-0287 or email us at to let us know your situation. 


Q: Which scooter do I choose to best suit my needs?

A: If you need the ability to disassemble for transport in a vehicle, use our Go-Go Sport line.  Please be aware that the Go-Go Sport scooter line is outfitted with a battery with an expected 4-hour lifespan. Otherwise we proudly recommend our premium, upgraded line of Victory 10 scooters.


Q: What is the difference between a 3 and 4 wheeled scooter?

A: Both scooters offer similar stability, however the 3-wheel scooter offer a better turning radius, maneuverability, and comfort.


Q: How do I cancel a reservation and what is the policy?

A: You may cancel an order at any time PRIOR TO DELIVERY DAY with a 100% payment refund or a credit towards a future reservation your choice. All refunds will be refunded only to the EXACT debit/credit card the original charge was processed on. In the case of a closed account or canceled debit or credit card a future rental credit voucher can be issued.   


Thank YOU for taking the time to read this, and be well prepared!