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Pride Go-Go Sport 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter - Trunk Transportable (when PORTABILITY is Priority!)

Regular price $299.99 Sale $229.99

Please allow +- 30 minutes when making delivery and pickup time requests. We strive to maintain all requested times, though some times may be shifted slightly per availability. Renters will receive confirmation up to 48 hours prior to delivery/pickup with their appointment time.

If a specific day for delivery is grey and cannot be selected, this means we are no longer able to accept new reservations for this day as we are fully booked. Please contact us directly to check for options.

GoGo 3-wheeled Mobility Scooter Rental

( Theme Park Certified, Approved, & Established Mobility Scooter Rentals )

Qualifies as an FDA Class Type II Medical Device


If PORTABILITY (over longevity) is top priority...

Then the GOGO mobility scooter is right for you!


Performance?  Stability?  Transportability?  You got it!

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Questions about scooter DISASSEMBLY? Click HERE

Questions about scooter ASSEMBLY? Click HERE

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Questions about the ACCESSORIES? Click HERE


Variable speed control up to 4.5 mph and 250 lbs. total capacity (however, the VICTORY scooter is recommended scooter for guests 250+)

The GoGo is the smallest / lightest scooter that can also handle the largest batteries possible on a portable scooter making it the next best thing after the Victory for theme park days.

* * * Does NOT require a Hatch-back to be transported in a personal vehicle * * *



Battery life varies greatly with WEIGHT of rider (+ any extra load), and terrain (each park is different). Over 250 lbs. battery life drops more than 50%. Please select the VICTORY scooter if this is the case. 

• Equipped with Extended-Range batteries • USB charging port and phone holder • Adjustable beverage holder • Exclusive L.E.D. under-carriage lighting for visibility and safety • FREE delivery & pick up to hotels, timeshares, and most vacation rentals (within delivery range)

Choose an optional Accessory

GoGo models handle ONE of the following attachments: oxygen bottle holder, cane or crutches holder, walker holder, or an additional rear storage basket.

Complementary Rain Package*  Save $ vs. buying at the parks - PACKAGE INCLUDES -- 2 new adult rain ponchos

This is Florida, it rains a lot! * Yours to keep at the end of your rental.