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Q: What is the address (& times) of your pickup/drop off location?
A: Just a few miles from Disney, located at:
5720 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway (US-192) Kissimmee, FL 34746
Open Every Day 7AM to 4PM (Entrance faces Florida Plaza Blvd, past Liquor Store, behind Havana Cafe)
Q: Are your strollers/bedding thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before each rental?
A: All of the Gold Mobility Scooters LLC stroller and baby products are high temperature steam sanitized and all materials are fully washed and dried using Dreft baby safe hypoallergenic detergent. They are delivered in a clean sanitized vehicle to insure the highest level of cleanliness between rentals.
Q: What do the strollers come with?
A: All of Gold Mobility Scooters LLC Strollers come with a Free Parent Console with cup holders, storage under and behind the seats, pivoting front wheels, 5 point adjustable harness, near-flat reclining seats, large adjustable canopy, and the ability to fold quick and easy.   
Q: Do you offer rain covers for the strollers?
A: Gold Mobility Scooters LLC automatically provides every stroller its own complimentary reusable rain cover. There is a $50 fee if lost, or not returned.
Q: Why should I consider renting a stroller at all?
A: The stroller you rent gets delivered right to your hotel, resort, or timeshare at the time you chose and you use it (and hopefully treat it) as if it was your own. The average park guest walks 6 miles a day. So the kids get tired. You get tired. You get tired of the kids getting tired. You get the point. At the end of your reservation, Gold Mobility Scooters LLC will come pick it up. As long as you don’t forget it in your room, it’s a beautiful system that works.
Q: Why should you choose a Gold Mobility Scooter LLC Stroller over a theme park stroller?
A: Many reasons. Theme park strollers are strictly based on first-come first-served, without a guarantee of availability upon arrival. The generic park strollers are made of a hard plastic that just isn’t very comfortable, doesn’t recline, and offers little shade. Not to mention you can’t even take them from one park to another. Then there’s the fun of removing all your belongings and having no guarantee of a next rental.
Q: Why is it important that I provide a cell phone number when making a reservation?
A: In addition to this being a very effective way to communicate, Gold Mobility Scooters LLC may notify you via text we’re about to deliver your stroller or baby product, as well as when your equipment needs to be returned.
Q: Where do you deliver and pickup?
A: Gold Mobility Scooters LLC offers free delivery and pickup to most hotels, resorts, timeshares, and vacation rentals in Orlando, Celebration, Lake Buena Vista, most of Kissimmee, and parts of Davenport. However, just like everyone else we are restricted from airports and park entrances.
Q: Do I need to be present when the stroller is delivered or picked up?
A: Normally, for DISNEY, yes. 
Q: Where do I pickup my Rental when I arrive at my hotel/resort?
A: We can leave the rental equipment (at most non-Disney hotels and resorts) labeled with your name on it with either the Bell Captain or Concierge,  just check with them after your scheduled delivery time (or after your confirmation delivery text) and the equipment will be there waiting for you.
Q: What hours can you be reached for customer service and support?
A: The Gold Mobility Scooters LLC central office is available by phone from 7 am to 7 pm.
Q: How do I cancel a reservation and what is the policy?
A: You may cancel an order at any time before delivery by calling.
Q: How is payment accepted for rented equipment?
A: Gold Mobility Scooters LLC accepts only MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express credit cards at this time.
NOTE: Gold Mobility Scooters LLC does not accept Debit, Prepaid Debit, or Gift Cards (whether or not they have a Visa or MasterCard logo). Cash, Checks, and Money Orders are not accepted.
Q: When will my credit card be charged? Is there a deposit?
A: At time of booking your credit card is charged the full rental amount. Gold Mobility Scooters LLC does not charge a security deposit.
Q: Can I place a reservation over the phone?
A: Gold Mobility Scooters LLC has an easy-to-use 24 hr online rental reservation system. It shows you all of your available options at a glance and you are free to choose what’s best for you at your own leisure. Our site is also loaded with helpful detailed descriptions of all our products including videos. 
Q: How will I know my reservation is complete?
A: You will receive a confirmation email if an email was provided at time of order.
Q: What happens in the unlikely event my stroller stops working, say while at a theme park?
A: Gold Mobility Scooters LLC replaces stroller and baby product inventory every 9 months so our renters have new or like-new equipment. It is highly unlikely there will be a mechanical failure in a unit that is 6 months old or less. Worst case scenario, should there be a mechanical issue, we will first troubleshoot the problem over the phone, then if necessary, replace the unit.
Q: How much do the strollers weigh?   
A: The City Mini Single Stroller weighs 16.8 lbs and the double version is 26.6 lbs.
Q: How much weight can the stroller support?
A: The City Mini Single Stroller can hold 50 lbs per seat (100lbs total for double)
Q: Any Stroller Tips?
A: At Disney’s Magic Kingdom you’ll want to avoid rolling the stroller over the Trolley Track on Main Street USA since the wheels can (and often do) get caught in them. 
Q: What accessories are included with my Stroller?
A: Every Stroller comes with a ‘parent console’ attachment which includes cup holders and NON-disposable detachable rain cover.
Q: What happens if my stroller is not where I left it?
A: This happens all the time at the parks. While in an attraction, park employees routinely reorganize or relocate the parked strollers into designated areas. After an initial search, request help from an employee. Should further escalation be required, seek out Guest Services, then Lost and Found. Finally, fill out a lost item report with park security and then contact us immediately. You also may be contacted by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for details even if you have theft and damage coverage.
Q: What can I do to lessen the chances of it getting lost or stolen?
A: Always lock the brake when in approved parking areas and make sure the name tag is not obscured and is clearly visible. And don’t forget to take your valuables from the stroller pockets.  
Q: What if I return my Stroller really dirty?
A: We’d hope that you treat the stroller as if it were your own. We reserve the right to charge an additional $20 cleaning charge for strollers returned in a contaminated condition.