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Pride Maxima - 500LB Capacity Speciality Mobility Scooter Rental - THEME PARK APPROVED

Regular price $399.99 $299.99

MAXIMA 3-wheeled Mobility Scooter Rental

( Theme Park Certified, Approved, & Established Mobility Scooter Rentals )

Qualifies as an FDA Class Type II Medical Device


When ENDURANCE is top priority...

The MAXIMA mobility scooter is right for you!


Performance?  Stability?  Extra Comfort?  You got it!

Questions HOW to USE the scooter? Click HERE

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* * * ATTENTION: please read before booking this SCOOTER * * *

The Maxima specialty mobility scooter will ONLY be delivered to Disney and Universal property hotel/resorts. We only allow transport of these scooters on THEME-PARK-OWNED transportation systems such as their busses, monorail, or ferry boats. Personal transport in a rented, hired, or self-owned vehicle of any size is not allowed. It does not disassemble at all. Transporting of this device off Disney/Universal property will VOID all insurance coverage.

• Variable speed control up to 5.2 mph and 500 lbs. total capacity • Extra-wide seat  •  Equipped with Extended-Range batteries • Dual USB charging ports and phone holder • Adjustable beverage holder • Exclusive L.E.D. under-carriage lighting for visibility and safety • FREE delivery & pick up to Disney/Universal hotels/resorts ONLY.


Average BATTERY LIFE 9-10 hours

Battery life varies greatly with WEIGHT of rider (+ any extra load), and terrain (each park is different). Over 475 lbs. battery life can drop more than 50%. 

Sorry, the MAXIMA can NOT accept an accessory attachment  


Complementary Rain Package*  Save $ vs. buying at the parks - PACKAGE INCLUDES -- 2 new adult rain ponchos

This is Florida, it rains a lot! * Yours to keep at the end of your rental.