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Pride Go-Go Sport 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter - WDW Scooter Rental Approved
Pride Go-Go Sport 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter - WDW Scooter Rental Approved
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Pride Go-Go Sport 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter - WDW Scooter Rental Approved

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(Disney approved scooter rental unit, FOR USE IN ALL THEME PARKS and WDW Scooter Rental )

If you are seeking to rent a sturdy scooter that's light enough for easy transport, but heavy-duty enough to hold a maximum of 325 lbs. look no further. The Go-Go Sport is at the very top of the Pride's travel lineup of mobility scooters. It combines take-apart convenience with the longer frame and roomier feel that so many riders are looking for. Gold Mobility includes powerful 18 AH batteries for up to a 12 miles range and a maximum 325 lbs. weight capacity. Top speed of the Sport is 4.70 mph. Easy Feather-Touch disassembly lets you transport your scooter in 5 easy pieces - the heaviest piece of which is weighs only 35.8 lbs. and the components will fit in the back of most cars. The longest of Pride’s travel scooter line-up, the Go-Go Sport is sturdy and stable enough for outdoor riding. The overall length of the Go-Go Sport 4-wheel is 43”, and the turning radius is 43”.The flat-free tires are 3” wide for increased traction and safety. CERTIFIED APPROVED FOR USE IN ALL CENTRAL FLORIDA THEME PARKS including WDW scooter rental 

Why We Like


We like it's durability and sporty styling. The Delta tiller is easier to grip than straight-handled tillers, especially for one handed operation. The bright L.E.D. headlamp lights your path, and lets you see and be seen for added safety after dark.

Ideal for theme parks, convention centers, indoor and outdoor use. The Go-Go Sport  can be disassembled for transport by using the "easy feather touch system".

For our rental fleet we selected PrideMobility scooters for several reasons; among them was Pride products are manufactured here in the USA and their corporate philosophy is the understanding that mobility empowers lives. With over a quarter century of serving customers needs, we here at Gold Mobility Scooters feel their products meet our standards, and exceeds the needs of our rental customers. They are the industry leader in quality, dependability, and durability. We use PrideMobility products exclusively at Gold Mobility Scooters.


• Gold Mobility Scooters are all equipped with the largest capacity batteries in the industry, standard! Allowing renters the extended range and all the extra power available.

• Gold Mobility Scooters are all equipped standard with a USB charging port and phone holder. This allows for convenient charging on-the-go keeping your device ready at the parks and attractions (just bring your charging cord).

• All of Gold Mobility Scooters are equipped with an adjustable beverage holder.

• Gold Mobility further customizes their scooters by adding additional bright L.E.D. under-carriage ground lighting for better visibility and safety. It also adds a stylish look that sets our scooters aside from competitors.

• At Gold Mobility Scooters accessories are included at NO CHARGE! If you need a cane holder, canopy sunshade, oxygen bottle holder, or even an additional rear basket - it is complementary! Just let us know when you book. Every scooter can accommodate one accessory. Again, the accessory is FREE of charge.

• All of Gold Mobility scooter rentals are white-glove delivered in person directly to your hotel, timeshare, vacation rental or home. We answer all your questions and provide any training you require during your drop off. When your rental is done, we pickup your scooter at no charge or additional fees. A quick and convenient FREE service to enhance your rental experience with Gold Mobility Scooter rentals.

Chosen accessory included free!


Gold Mobility Scooters also provides its accessories free of charge. The Go-Go Sport models can handle one of the following attachments: Additional rear storage basket, Canopy Sunshade, Oxygen Bottle Holder, or Cane or Walker Holder. Note: Canopy sunshades are only designed for the Victory 10 Series of Mobility Scooters.


A Gold Mobility Scooter Exclusive! Our Complementary 40 page "Mobility Scooter Attraction Guide for Orlando/Central Florida". A wealth of information and a valuable planning tool for your trip. This guide is loaded with helpful information for accessing Central Florida attractions and theme parks. We also include a set of park maps when available. If you book your scooter rental 7 days or more in advance we will automatically send your guide book and park maps via Priority mail to the address you provide. If under 7 days, we will give it to you at drop off.



Complementary Rain Package*  Save up to $32 vs. buying at the parks PACKAGE INCLUDES -- 4 adult new rain ponchos


This is Florida, it rains a lot!  * Yours to keep at the end of your rental.